Battery Box on Top or Below Trampa Deck

What’s the consensus here from people with these boards? I’ll be riding on the street and on golf courses which are mostly flat and a few hills. I have a Trampa 35 long with vertigo trucks

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Enclosure below from @Eboosted for a stealth looking board…

Box on top, for hardcore eMTB in the woods

If you’re going to ride on street, dirt, sand, tall grass. Go with under.

Anything more extreme, over

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I’ve checked out eboosteds enclosure and have talked with him about it. I just want to make sure I’m not jeopardizing my battery by going under. Florida is more swamps than forest. Only offroad for me is the golf course

The enclosure is pretty good for almost anything but pure off road, if you think you are going to constantly hit big rocks make slides over the bottom of the deck and ride over mud and water get a sealed over the deck bo, if you want a more convenient eboard that looks amazing for really bad dry roads and weight and size is mildly important go with an under the deck enclosure.

It also depends on expected range and skills making a flexible battery pack. We just fitted two 22000mA 6S batteries into our new monster box, which also house the two VESCs. 2mm play each side… That is almost 1kwh of juice. The total range is off any scale - juice for more than a day of extensive riding and no additional wiring needed. Plug and play.

Pictures or it didn’t happen :grin:

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I tried many configurations, and in my IMHO battery on top is much better. The only issue is looks, maybe. For me, versatility is very important. Being able to quickly swap batteries. With my setup, I can have a very long range (2 tattu 28000 mAh 12s) but a bit heavy, or a lighter board (2 turnigy graphene 6000 mAh 12s). I also use sometimes 2 turnigy nanotech 5000 mAh, 12s. These are really light and last for about 6 km. Nice for very technical rides.

To be honest, I now usually prefer the 28000 setup. While riding, the weight difference is not really noticeable, for an almost endless ride!



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What are them boxes/cases you use to house the batteries? Are they hard cased?

I have both setup.

Here is my top box. It fit with 12s6p

Cables integrated in deck, motor sensor wires in deck integrated PCB, VESCs in Monsterbox, fully Bluetooth connected to mobile VESC-Tool, space for 22000mAh 12S Lipo or 12S 9P 18650 cells. Have been riding all day, still at 70% charge. You can’t empty them in a single tour. The batteries out last your legs by far. Board feels agile and light, since all weight sits in the very center.


What 6s 22Ah batteries did you use?

We tried various. Today I used two HRB 22000mAh 6S. Fits perfectly, still room for 5mm cushioning top and bottom of the pack. Usage of space couldn’t be better. The cells seam to have quite a good quality, pretty level cells, no drift and plenty of headroom for big Amp drain from two Amp hungry motors.

@brotori: Fix your motor cables down to the hex spacers to prevent any movement in them. If they brake the repair is taking a while. Best way to route the cables: Left Vesc to right motor, right Vesc to left motor, cables crossing in the centre of the longitudinal board axis.

They are gopro cases with a semi-rigid shell. Works very well. There are several cheaper alternatives.

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