Battery Build Evaluation/help

So a bit ago I went ahead and purchased a couple 10s4p all in one, built in bms/meter plug and play battery from a member of this forum. I am now thinking of building up a board or two but the safety of the battery and it not going up in flames are of utmost importance.

I have taken of the “fancy” carbon fiber sticky tape and a bit of the backing so that I can get the opinion of some more experienced builders here on the forum as to how I can clean up/ seal up this power house for my future builds. @longhairedboy, @okp and other trusted members any glaring problems you see with this battery.


I am especially concerned about the side edges, specifically where some of the pointed balance lead beads appear to be digging into the positive out lead. Ideas on how to insulate those?

Also this beast measures 50cm long x 13.25 cm wide and 2.75 cm tall… What size heat shrink will cover it? I’m thinking clear if I can find it.

I really didn’t feel comfortable with the tape the make used.

Never seen the cell blocks used in a pack before don’t see the need if he spot welded them…did he do two layers of nickel? 220mm pvc heat shrink I got on eBay should work it shrinks way down. Have a set 2 4p packs I put beside each other and it shrinks them not a bother. This man knows his batteries tho… @scepterr

Minimum 180mm width If that’s a single layer on the series link I would definitely add more nickel or solder some 12/10awg

It’s a double layer of nickel.

It looks a bit skinny and thin so it wouldn’t hurt to beef it up. Also, is this attached to the cell or loose IMG_20180113_065114

Was taped down.

It’s not welded to the cell?

No soldered to nickel

I’m going over the outside balance leads with two layers of 3m 1500 Teflex to insulate from rub wear.

K, just looked like there was a gap between the nickel and cells

No, the welds looked good to me and two layers which is also good. This isn’t that I’m worried because of the quality or anything just sort of due diligence and wanted to heat shrink these puppies. Thought to get some outside opinions.

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If everything is solid, then yeah insulate, wrap, ride :grin:

If you are worried about the main positive lead being punctured add some fishpaper aka fibrous insulation paper and possibly use some silicone to fix it in place. Use a neutral cure silicon as it won’t off-gas acid which will attack metal components.

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Where dju find this in uk lol tried find 100% silicone in b&q just got some strange looks😂

you need to look for “neutral cure” - I have found some black stuff that is designed for potting electronics, trouble is it has a silly long cure time so I wouldn’t recommend that unless you are cool with letting it cure for about 5 days.

if you look at the 2nd pic down I had the same potential issue, so I ran a layer of silicone + fishpaper between the insulated cable and the nickel/cable and then another layer of fishpaper over the top of that.


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This is what I used what dju think?

does it smell of vinegar?

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When it’s wet is it?

that smell is acetic acid off-gassing…

Personally I think you’re over worrying about something happening to this pack. That foam board just seems way overkill in my opinion, or are you not planning to put this in an enclosure?

If you are, then just some 1mm neoprene sheet and 180mm shrink wrap is totally sufficient.

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No I meant do you mean when it’s wet or dry I’ll check