Battery Builders and Pricing

Alright, so who is building and selling custom batteries? What are your prices? I have been trying to build my 10s3p battery, but the spot welds keep popping off. I don’t think my setup is powerful enough. I am just tired of working on the battery and would like to get it done. If I can provide the cells, do you have an idea of what the price would be? I’m also considering just doing a 12s4p battery, so what would be your price for that? Thanks!

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@psychotiller @barajabali @longhairedboy (?)

contact them direct for pricing.

where are you located?

what type of pack are you looking for (flat, flat-flexible, stacked, etc)

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Got a 10S3P 30Q pack + switch + led kit for $350. Haven’t had much time to test the pack, but communication was :100:


I can vouch for @barajabali … His pack has been serving me great for a little while now. I want to go ride it, right now!

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Definitely agree, @hyperIon1 communication is top tier and customer service is definitely at the top of anyone else here, especially after dealing with a couple of vendors on the forum with no responses and shady practices. As well as his battery is standing up well on my board at the moment.

Also, a buddy has a battery from Baja, and it has been legit for over a year.