Battery Building Hot Glue and Welding Holder helping "hand" .dwg

So, so just made a quick model of these thingies, my wooden ones could be better but they do their job pretty well, anyways my graphics card died so I cant play any games and have to be productive :smiley:

“Holder for hot gluing/silicone” Screenshot_3


Holder for welding your cells Screenshot_4 Download

You could drill holes to the base to attach it to your table/ heavy metal block whatever so it cant move

Hopefully this helps you to build your pack, idk how other builders solved this problem or if there is any stuff like this on the forum, use it print it mill it modify it idc

Oh yea if you do not have acces to a cad tool i can export you an iges file

Also could any one print this out for me? Preferably close to Croatia


Not to highjack your thread but I came across a spotwelding guide the other day and thought it would be relevant, so I’mma just link it. :slight_smile:

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I had in mind to design something like this, thanks for sharing this

I will make a double cell welding holder tomorrow, a storm is going over the city and I do not want to fry my pc if a lightining strikes :smiley:


That’s me from over here:

That thread has more fun stuff.