Battery Builds UK

I just want to see what sort of potential for battery demand there is in the UK?. And if so who would want what packs? I can do standard packs to clear wrap, cell level fused packs. Flat or short. The payment would have to come after its built because of my level. Turnaround 2-3 weeks

Yourself and @darkkevind should chat, good things could happen! :slight_smile:

Upload some pictures of your work :smiley:

I would be very keen for that to happen! Learning from the best would definitely help. Especially regarding how postage would work

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I will build a pack and take lots of photos before listing for sale

Have you made previous packs? You could showcase some pictures from those builds?

I am also about to make my first battery pack but making sure I dont fuck it up


No I’ve recently branched into esk8 but I’m familiar with the physics and electronics associated and could produce high quality packs. I’ve watched and read a lot