Battery charging with XLR?

So I was watching a video on a DIY esk8 board, and I noticed that the guy had it hooked up in a way to charge it with what looked like an XLR connecter. According to the video, he had made the battery using a 10s2p li-ion config.

As I am looking to build an electric longboard myself, and wanting to have it as streamlined as possible, how would I do this? I looked around on YouTube and was not able to find anything like it. Is there a specific BMS I need to do this or is it as simple as connecting a positive and negative wire to a female XLR connector?

It is that simpleā€¦I use an XLR cable hooked to my battery and it works like a charm. I have a BMS for balanced charging, Make sure you confirm the wiring with a multi-meter before plugging in charger.


Thanks man!