Battery choice for longboard build;searl|1891381484

Can anyone recommend this battery size and output for my first build?

I can recomend the “battery size” and “output” but not where youre getting it from. Do some reading on the forum and you’ll find your answer.

Wait! You’re in Denver too? Logan and 16th here

Looks pretty good deal, now just a deck that fits in :slight_smile:

I wouldnt buy batteries from an unknown source. 30Q are popular to fake in our circle and someone else got duped on DHgate with 30Q’s.

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I recomend pming @hyperIon1. He made my battery and some others on the forum. My battery got to my door in about 3 weeks. He also is great at answering questions. Highly recommend.

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Did they end up getting duped? I thought it turned out to be legit cells

that one dude who bought his cells from DHgate had no manufacturer marks on the outer shell so it is safe to assume those are fake.

Oh, I’m talking about an Aussie guy I think that got a whole 12s4p pack

We are going to do some battery packs out of the Samsung 50E 21700 cells. After some research and a decrease in price from my supplier we think it could add a new level of pack longevity and kWh. Please review my findings: image image

Dollar amounts are for cells only. Note the increased AH and kWh The cells are slightly larger and have more capacity witch means less charging, longer pack life. Don’t get me wrong. The Samsung 30q are the go to cell for price and quality. We want to play around with smaller configurations 2-4p 10s-12s and see what numbers we come up with.

Yep thats me, or at least im one of them lol… i recieved fake “geniune 30Q” cells from dhgate. I wouldnt recommend them. They were even wrapped in the pink shrinkwrap and had the same text style print saying they were… took the wrap off and unidentifiable fake cells underneath20181203_120723 20181203_125800

Yes, I’m in Denver. Live in Stapleton. Want to find someone to help me build two or three builds in spring of 2019. Would you be interested in talking?


Ive used and tested this HG2s. They do work as advertised. Ive used them in multiple builds. As long as the battery is build properly and fits your esc/motor amp draw needs. Most often i would end up with 10s4p battery. Running it hard, at 60a over several minutes, battery did not overheat or lost power. Shipping is a bit long, but price is right.,scm-url:1007.18499.102167.0,pvid:b1faece3-4d8a-4f34-b217-95bb8275e116&aff_platform=msite&gps-id=platformRecommendH5&scm=1007.18499.102167.0&scm-url=1007.18499.102167.0&scm_id=1007.18499.102167.0&spm=a2g0n.detail-amp.moretolove.32793701336&aff_trace_key=f55a76c8223041009800cecf9fdeec11-1545618930581-01262-nAeYz7Y&aff_platform=msite&m_page_id=5032amp-m6riDkvlWUrHbemV1EHW_w1545619049429