Battery choice help

Hi guys,

I’m trying to decide what battery pack will fit best for me.

So I put my options on here below. You can see Wh/ euro but also how many km a battery will bring me for the euros spent.

Daily commute is around 11 km but I like to have 20 km as a minimum so I can also travel around my city and surroundings.

Lipo batteries are significantly cheaper but on the downside, they are a bit heavier. I’ve read in the post about Lipo vs Li-Ion that Li-Ion theoretically has 3x the lifespan of a Lipo, does anyone have experience with this? Are Li-Ions worth the cost?

I’m leaning towards lipos because of the initial cheap cost.

The prices of the Li-Ion packs are from @pjotr47 btw.

Wh Samsung 30q 10s 3p = 1.85 wh/ Euro

10s 4p = 1.88 wh/Euro

Zippy flightmax 5Ah 25c = 2.67 wh/Euro

Lipo 19.85 km = 75 euro 12s1p Zippy 5Ah 25c 39.7 km = 150 euro 12s2p Zippy 5Ah 25c 2.74kg

Li-Ion 19.31 km = 140 euro 10s2p Samsung 30q

28.97 km = 175 euro 10s3p Samsung 30q

38.62 km = 230 euro 10s4p Samsung 30q 1.92kg

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My experience with lipos is that if you can connect them to a bms you are golden. Once they have reached the end of they’re life span, you can easily replace them and keep your bms since they are plug and play. But those are just my thoughts


I have 2 lipo powered boards and 3 li ion. The 2 lipo boards have had 2 battery swaps in 2 years due to failure with age and the li ion ones are all still going strong for about a 18 months and a year respectively with no discernible deterioration whereas the lipo’s do drop off significantly as they age.
imo li ion is a better solution for longevity and ease of use but each to their own I guess.