Battery configiguration DILEMMA

Edit: premise, i am going to build a 10s system since i have a 200kv sensored motor from coming my way. I currently bought all of the things i need to build an eskate exept for the battery and charger for the battery. I am going with lipos since they are cheap and i don’t have a big budget, just over 100 euros all shipped to italy, any recommendations? i was thinking either 2 of these in series for 80 euros Or, i could buy 7 of these, open them up and rewire everything into two 5s2p packs on my own 70 euros

the second option gives me 4400mah 50C the first gives 5000 mah 20C

which one do you recommend?

or if you have a different option, gib it to me :wink: Other EDIT: note that since the 3s packs would be 7 i would start the process by tearing one apart and if that doesn’t work i will be running anyway a 9s2p pack with the 6 remaining still intact packs…

if you are fine with a 9s setup, then maybe take 3 of these?

thats what i am using right now.

It would be Like 90 dollars plus the shipping from the States warehouse that costs more than the One from Europe… Thats why my choice isn’t that big, Remember i have to fit the charger too in the price…