Battery configuration

I am going to go with 10s 4p. What types of configurations would be best for going twenty five Mph with around a 20 mile range?


10s5p made with Samsung 30Q cells, minimum. Probably 10s6p.


That doesn’t mean much. How do you make it 10s six p or 10s five p?

The p stands for panda. 10s 6 pandas is better for 25 mph because pandas don’t like to run faster than 5mph


lol I like your logic.

How would you make it five p or six p for 10s?

That’s how.

But for configuration you want, there’s that 18650 cells 10 series, minimum about 4 in parallel, since those cells are around 3Ah capacity. For LiPo, you can find 5Ah cells, so 10 series and 2-3 in parallel.

Rest depends of all other things than batteries. Most notably on your weight.

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P stands for parallel. 10s5p means 10 sets of cells, and each set has 5 cells in parallel. 50 in total. This is assuming you’re going to be using 18650 size batteries. If you’re going to use lipo cells like from hobbyking, then you don’t need as many P, because each cell is larger.

Personally, I think 10s4p would get you 20 miles, with not much left over. 375-400 watt hours, depending on the cells.

If you’re going to do a full DIY build, you should definitely read up on battery technolgy and configurations. You will be your own warranty (for the most part) so you should know how it works. Google is your best friend, also, the search function on this forum works pretty well too. Most of the basic questions you have are already answered.


Yea, actually watt hours are a good range indicator. I have (nominal) 360Wh, with range around 25-30km, and i weight 70kg.

Ampere-hours(Ah) times total voltage(10S is 36-37V) is Watt hours(Wh)

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This is the 10S4P Samsung 30Q mod pack i build for Evolve IT will do what you want. You’ll get about 20 miles out of it at anywhere from 22-25mph ish. 36v at 12ah means 436 watt hours.

The only difference in wiring for this pack and a pack using a BMS from battery supports or elsewhere is the use of the balance negative lead.


if you are considering building your battery and dont know what parallel is then you probably shouldnt build it, buy it or read a lot more. To answer your original question 10s4p 30q will see 15-25miles depending on how you ride


I know this thread is purely to figure out my battery situation.

And I’m saying all of these questions are already answered somewhere on the forum. It’s fine to ask questions but make sure you do your research on the topic as well.


I know what parallel and series are. I took physics.

That diagram is pretty bad since you can’t really see which is connected to what. So which wires connect where I can’t really tell.

If you want help you try being less of a dick.


That’s pretty uncalled for. That’s actually a very well done diagram. You just don’t possess the understanding of what everything means. Spend another 50hr or so reading the forum, then back to us…


why does no one go to the trouble to explain that 10s 5p is 10 batteris in series five in parallel. does that mean 15 batteries or five of them are connected in parallel? Again your not very specific.