Battery Confusion

I have a battery question. In this video he hooks up six of these HRB 7.4V 10000mAh 2S LiPo Battery 25C.

Why didn’t he route the balance cable harness through the deck for an external charger? When you charge these cells don’t you need the balance cable connected to an external BMS?

depends, if you dont over discharge your lipos they generally stay balanced, i balanced mine like after every 10th ride, but dunno, maybe trampa has some special lipos.

Thanks. Here is the actual battery:

one should absolutely use a bms, for charging at a minimum, for lipos.

the lipos i’ve worked with drifted a lot at charge end.

the video may have just been a basic how-to, so the boring bits, like how to wire up a bms, may have been omitted.