Battery corrosion

So my board just shuts off suddenly and wont power on. When I got home I opened the enclosure and noticed this white blue powder. I learned from a car battery guide that it is caused by concentrated hydrogen gas produced from the battery pack. Multi meter reads jumping around 14 and 15v. Anyway to save this pack? It’s a Sanyo 10s2p from Meepo.

If the pack voltage is at 14V, i will say its shoot… It might be possible to «save» the battery, but it wont be safe most likely…

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Try not to cry


I heard 50% of meepo’s get send back because the electronics or other things fail is that true?

Not sure. I rode Meepo v1 for like 2-3 months without issues. The only thing from Meepo on this build is the battery.

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I’ve been using this battery for close to 4 months and conveniently out of their 3 month warranty. =/

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