Battery damping materials

What materials you guys use to minimize the vibration forcing to your batteries during driving. Think about neoprene tape etc. If somebody has a good idea what and where to get something like this cheap, I would be happy if you share this with me.

I think I read a build yesterday were somebody used a cut up yoga mat. @psychotiller joked about using his kids diapers. (I think it was a joke…lol)

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:joy:For what all this fitness things can be used. With my last build I couldn’t find a good rubber tape which is enough hight. Ended up cutting a Thera tape (this flexi silicon expander thing for home gym training) and glued it to the edges of my enclosure. 100% waterproof :point_up:

Foam type thingy from shipping packages tend to work good.

Though not sure where to buy one locally, so i suppose yoga mats should work nicely.

I was just finding something to mount my ESC to my board the other day and I ended up buying some vertical mounting double sided tape that had a good thickness of foam/rubber material from my local hardware store. It’s rated to hold 5.4kgs (12lbs)

I thought about it, but don’t they burn like hell?

They tend to melt in higher heat, thats true…

Hadnt really thought what would happen in fire… the rest would be toasted then anyways, i think

As long as they don’t start burn from a spark or melt away at 40 degrees, i‘m fine with it

DSC_1230 Foam art! Like @Deckoz used

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some people said some interesting things in here

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Do you know where to get it?

Arts and craft store maybe

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I got it from a local store in art section!

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I use weather stripping for both that and also for sealing the battery enclosure (e.g.:

My first build: image


Corning 737 neutral cure silicone.

its safe for electronics and doesn’t reek of cat piss. Its actually pleasant to use and the smell reminds of of a day at the pool. Touchable in about 20 minutes or so, fully cured over night. Lay some down in the bottom of the box, squish your pack onto it, then run a bead around the outside of the bottom of the pack where it meets the box and use a popsicle stick to smooth it up. If the walls of the box are really close to the pack, fill the gap with silicone too.

I pot my packs this way and they stay put.


Was planning on using that too

It does a great job damping vibrations. You could use it to build out your whole box with zero fasteners if you wanted. It makes maintenance take a day longer but if you’re trying to ride more and tinker less its a good option.

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Sounds promising! Now I just need to find a source to get it in Russia :see_no_evil:

neutral cure silicone - no acetoxy - little/no odour.

Can find it everywhere probably

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I used industrial velcro stuck it on the board and then stuck the other half on the battery. It may not dampin as much as yoga mat but I think it works well

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