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Battery Discharge and Enclosure Help

So I am going to be running 2X 5S 5000mach 20C batteries in series and I am having trouble understanding how batteries discharge in series.

Do both of my batteries need to at the same charge/voltage before riding? Do both batteries discharge at the same rate? If one is half charged and the other is full charge can I get a half charge on my board until the half charge battery is at 0 charge (then the full charge battery will be at half charge)?

Also I am trying to find enclosure or wiring solutions to charge these batteries independently. Anyone know of any enclosures which would allow me to easily remove the batteries for charging?

Thanks for the help!

No when your two batteries are connected in series they basically become one big battery, both the cells discharge at the same rate.

When connecting batteries in series try to have them be as close to the same voltage as possible. You may end up over discharging the lower level battery and damaging it.

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