Battery Drains Way Too Fast

My build: Dual belt drive Trampa mountain board with Flipsky 4.20 dual vesc (with the built in AS Switch) turnigy 6374 192kv motors. 12s2p battery and a vx2 remote.

My issue: I can only go LESS THAN half a mile. I charge my battery to full before each ride and still less than half a mile. I end up losing speed and everything just slows to a halt. All my parts are brand new, I’ve set up the Vesc through the Vesc tool wizards. Idk what I’m doing wrong. Do I need to change my vesc settings? Different battery? Had a few problems when programing the Flipsky 4.20 vesc I changed the wires around and I got through the FOC set up but I still wasn’t able to use the ppm map wizard to calibrate my remote. It stated that the pulselengths couldn’t be applied. The remote still works but it displays my board battery as completly dead. Also, when trying to update the firmware it would load the firmware and right as it made it to 100% it gives an error and instantly disconnects my vesc. Forcing me to autoconnect again.

battery specs?

12s2p Lithium Ion Samsung 30Q cells with BMS Nominal voltage: 44.4V Capacity: 6000mah Power: 259.2

If you are using the vesc wizard, the battery amps can be set pretty high… with a 12s2p 30q, you max out at about 20 battery amps per motor. The Vesc tool wizard has set my values way over my battery specs before. Im guessing it did this for you as well and your just draining that battery way faster than it should.

Im not the most advanced on the matter and there are probably better people somewhere who can answer that can help

Would you know what settings I could apply specifically?

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your battery is a massive bottleneck for your system.

getting it properly programmed is important

What would be the closest possible settings that I can apply to get my build on the right track?

What he means is… you’re limiting yourself with that battery. 20 battery amps per side is the safest you could possibly go with a 12s2p 30q battery pck

Save up for a new battery. A 12s2p is for a short board on thane. Mountain board builds with pneumatic should be 4p and up.

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