Battery Enclosure Alignment on the bottom of the deck

Hey guys!

So I’m doing a Landyatchz EVO build and I need some help on how you get precise placement of the enclosure on the bottom of the deck? I’ll only drill it once and I don’t want to mess up the deck!

Here you go!


*Beat my too it lol


Guys so Torque Board is saying that you can just velcro the enclosure to the deck. Why not do that instead of using screws? Seems I never read about Velcroing. Yet I hear the idea is mount everything to the deck right? Velcro does seem like an easy solution.

If you mount everything to the deck it’s likely you can. I personally wouldn’t because potholes and other instructions may knock it off and then your running over it.


Yea like @mmaner said bolt it down, I’ve had a chunck ripped out of my TB enclosure and if it wasn’t bolted down who knows what would have happened to my board internals

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Did few hundreds of kilometers with industrial velcroed box. I bet it would work with a normal enclosure if it had a flat top lid…

And our roads are very very shit. Pavements especially, with a lot of holes and sharp tiles.

Shit, I even carry it every day by the handle. xD


So it seems pretty solid? This one is a double din Torque Boards enclosure.

I have shit roads here to! Norcal.

It has seen water, tons of debri. No issues whatsoever. :slight_smile:

I would say you should also velcro the battery pack to the deck, so less load on tiny pieces of velcro holding the enclosure itself.

On awesome!

Yeah absolutely I will the kit I bought comes with straps.