Battery Help on Li-ion kit

Hi Guys-

Stumbled on someone selling this…

Its a 924w=Wh 43.8v Li-ion battery pack.

From the description its made up of Boston Swing 5300 cells. (Nominal Voltage 3.65, Nominal Capacity 5300mAh).

No BMS attached.

Is it a 12s6p or 6s8p?

Would it power 2 190kv Turnigy sk8?

Yeah definitely wouldn’t do that. I bet that shit breaks down in a heartbeat on your eskate. You should look at what amperage it can output. Also I really am not sure if this battery will be suitable for esk8

Get yourself a custom lion pack by our forum members. Or Lipos of you’re are short on money

Those are some odd cells… they’re shaped like 2 18650’s wrapped together actual dimensions are “37.2 x 64.8 x 19.1mm”

Nominal voltage of 3.65 x 12 = 43.8. So 12S, but from the looks of the block it’s 12S4P. I was thinking 12S8P but since they’re essentially a double width 4P.

Power wall cells are usually not a good fit for eskate, but those can supply 13A so in 4P you could have 52A which is enough, and 21.2Ah plenty of range. however if you stick all those cells on a board and your looking at about a 20lbs battery. If it’s a really good deal on the cells, it’s possible I guess, but a normal 18650 is a whole lot easier. Never know if there are some weird quirks with that kind of battery cell.

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Thanks man…

The seller wants $180nz or equivalent $120USD

First of all, do you want an inch of spacers under your deck? Those cells are stacked vertically.

Have a Mountainboard.

Fine. But are you sure about <1000w of power.