Battery holder system


what a good idea to have nuts and screws flying on the table while you are assembling a battery pack like that :scream:

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Makes the pack much bigger than without those connectors/holders though…

Tried to find the size but no information. @smurf any idea of dimensions or how to get ahold of one.

Ya I don’t know I just found the video

Go to They cost 19€ and 20€ for shipping. You can email them and their reply is very fast and give you all the info needed. Positives: don’t need weld. And if any battery goes bad, you can simply change it.

Are you from this company? You joined 4 days ago and this was your first comment… @Grozniy

I’m not. I’ve seen the video and contacted them.

This is my first post because I’m new to esk8 building and I’m just learning.

If you’re new don’t buy anything until you research and get advice.

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Ummm… balance cables? No?

did not read all posts

Should be easy enough to put on there yourself.

will they carry the current needed for esk8?

No, probably not

could you add nickel strip with a hole and just put it on top?

I think the sticks are not long enough…it might also be limited by the contact area with the battery… Ask their support or search their forum to be sure…

The dimension with a 18650 battery are 88mm*22mm