Battery indicator all ways 100%

hey, just drained my batteries for the first time and realised my battery indicator says 100% all the time, maybe its my wiring-idk. I’ve got another thread on my wiring, and the indicator i have is the same as MBuilders in december 2016. thanks

what kind of battery indicator you have ?


did you setup it ?

? what do you mean?

when open your pack, you need to press the button behind the lcd and set it up the require voltage

ok, mine goes up in 1c 2c etc. what does it mean

sorry that was stupid - it means cells. idk how to set it though

open your board, and at the same time press the button behind the board… and then you should be able to to see L3 and go press that button until you see L… 10 I guess…

a bit confused. their is no L1 or L2 etc

sorry but i’M confuse as u are… Just keep up whit the l10

okay i just figured everything out and it works BUT, the indicator is all over the place saying 63, then 80, then 58. realy quite wierd, maybe because its cheap