Battery indicator and charging port


I’m about to do my 10S4P custom build and I want to add the TorqueBoard On/Off Power switch, but also I would like to add the charging port and the battery indicator.

10x 5.5mm 2.1mm Female DC Socket Power Plug

36 - 42V Battery charger

Battery Indicator

TorqueBoards Power Switch

What would be the proper wiring to use with this options? I guess I should install the charging port right next to the battery since I would be able to charge the battery with power off (No risk).

Thank’s in advance for your help

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Charging port towards the battery side (so you can charge with power off)

Battery indicator towards the esc side (so it won’t stay on always)


I had tried the dc power jack to replace my xt60 , my balance charger show error port. i not sure whats wrong.

For a battery indicator like that, how do you wire it? Do you simply connect its wires to your battery terminals?

Yes. But check the wire colors compared to the neg and pos written on the back of the monitor itself. My harness (or whatever) came wired backwards. No damage, but it wouldn’t work.

Would this be the proper wiring?