Battery indicator issue with the Flipsky VX2 when using an 18s battery (possible workaround)

Hi, I’m having a bit of an issue with the battery readout on the screen of the flip sky VX2 remote.

I have the receiver hooked up to one of the UART ports of my VESC. Because the receiver is only able to access the battery voltage over UART connection, not the battery calculation that vesc tool does itself, the remote has to divide the voltage by the cells that you set in its settings, then it figures out to your battery percentage based on that. My issue is that I am using a battery which has more cells than the maximum allowed by the remote (13s is max, my pack is 18s). This means that my 76v is being divided by 13, meaning that it thinks the cells are over 5v at full charge

My current idea to get past this issue is to have my battery connected via a voltage divider to the battery pin on the receiver. I’ll use a voltage bridge which perfectly drops the Max charge of my battery to the Max charge of the 13S battery, affectively pretending that my battery is only 13S while still getting accurate readings for my actual battery.

I just wanted to know if anyone has tested if the remote will use the battery provided to it via the battery pin, or the battery readout from VESC if both are provided.

Thanks, E