Battery issue: indicator says not full, yet charge says full

For some reason my battery charge stopped charging my battery and the light on it says that its full. However my battery on my board says theres still 2 bars left to go. Anyone know whats going on?

you probably set the indicator wrong check with a multimeter to be sure

Did you set it correctly by powering off, holding the button on the back of the meter and then powering it back on?

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Well i didnt set this one up, i picked it up from torque boards. 12sp4

You need to set it up correctly and your issue should most likely be resolved. :wink:

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Time to take it apart and reset the display. Chances are, the meter is set to a higher series and read the battery as a lower voltage(capacity).

First check the voltage at the main battery connector and if it’s full voltage then check the meter settings.

If the voltage is not full when the charge light goes off, The charger could be faulty or the battery could be too out of balance for the bms.

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Get a multimeter and measure the voltage, thats the only way to be completely sure

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I have the same issue with my Torque boards 12S3P pack.

Ill go ahead and check it out and let you guys know!