Battery life with push start and coasting at 10-12 mph?

all other things being equal, can I expect to double my battery life this way?

that is way too little information for anyone to help you with anything

My suggestion is for you go try it and report back.

Push starting and coasting will increase range but it is impossible for us to predict how much.

I figured I would update this after doing a few tests.

all out, no push start, I got 10.5 miles

10-12mph cruising and push starting everytime, i got 15 miles.

thats almost a 40% increase.

this is on a 2nd gen koowheel 5500mah 36v battery (198wh).

i weight 77 kilos with a backpack

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The Yuneec Ego fets about 18 miles range with a 7s3p cause the top speed is like 12mph but it’s no fun riding at that speed. Cruising for me is 18-20mph