Battery maker needed!

Hey there!! As the title says I’m looking for someone who knows exactly how to assemble a battery located in EU, I’m based in Italy! I have a TRAMPA build and I’m using the nese modules on top, they are simply amazing… but I don’t like at all the look of the battery on top. My cells are pretty much brand new, I wonder if there is anyone nearby Italy who can do a 10s6p battery to sit in a TRAMPA underboard battery tray with a bypassed BMS. Thanks in advance for any hints! Edit: forgot to mention, I’ll pull around 80A and the battery should have the flex needed For a TRAMPA


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I am also interested in buying a custom battery pack in the EU (Austria) ! is also located in EU (Belgium).Good service and Reliable. That’s were I’ve got my 12s6p from.

I’m looking for a builder who would do a small LiPo setup for me, including wiring in the switch and a LCD display in a particular way so I can fit them in my enclosure. I’m based in the UK, if there’s anyone around here?