Battery Mistake - Catastrophic?

Hello dear coaches: I made a mistake with the setting up my VESC via the Android VESC Tool.

I ran the battery down too far (cell ratings below). Then, however, the battery charged as usual up to 4.2V each. Then I updated the VESC firmware to 5.2, and may have set the VESC up differently.

Now the acceleration is far lower than before, about 20% of previous amazeballs, however top speed is still the same (nice). Could you please have a look at the settings and readings, and help me assess if I screwed the battery, and/or if my VESC settings are wrong? Thank you so much…

My Kit: FocBox Unity VESC Firmware 5.2 (recent update)

Trampa Long Mountainboard Frame

Trampa Precision Vertigo Trucks

Trampa 8inch Hypa Wheels

15mm 470mm Timing Belt

Pulleys: 15 (motor) x 72 (wheels)

Idea 3-part Motor Mounts

2x Turnigy 12000mAh 6S 12C Lipo in 12S1P Configuration

2x Turnigy SK8 6374-192KV Sensored Brushless Motors

My Mistake:

Mistakenly discharged too far to the status below (VESC still showed 23% left :frowning:

Battery 1: 3.43 / 3.18 / 4.21 / 3.25 / 2.97 / 3.33

Battery 2: 2.96 / 3.34 / 2.98 / 3.10 / 2.47 / 2.83

My Battery Test:

Battery Charge: Standard and normal charge to 4.2V each

Battery Status after 8km:

Battery 1: 3.96 / 3.96 / 4.03 / 3.98 / 3.97 / 3.97

Battery 2: 3.98 / 3.95 / 4.02 / 3.97 / 3.95 / 3.95

My VESC Profile:

Speed FWD: 40kmh Speed Rev: 10kmh

Current Acceleration: 70%

Current Brake: 70%

Motors FOC wizard settings:

Medium Outrunner

Battery Type: Lithium Iron 3.0-4.2

Battery Cells Series: 12

Battery Capacity: 12 Ah

Battery Current Max 100A

Battery Current Regen -25A

Motor Pulley 15

Wheel Pulley 72

Wheel Diameter 192mm

PPM remote

Control Type: Current No Reverse with Brake

Median Filter On

Safe Start On

Positive Ramping Time 0.4s

PID Max ERPM 15,000

Smart Reverse Max Duty Cycle 7%

Smart Reverse Ramp Time 3s

Traction Control Off

TC Max ERPM Difference: 3000

Motor Config:

Medium Outrunner Motor Type: FOC

Invert Motor Direction: Off

Sensor Port Mode: Hall Sensors

ABI Encoder Counts: 8192

Max Motor Current 74.37A

Motor Current Brake: -74.37A

Absolute Max Motor Current: 400A

Battery Cutoff Start 40.8V

Battery Voltage Cutoff End 36V

Max ERPM 36943.74 (=40km/h)

Max ERPM Reverse -9235.93 (=10km/h) ERPM Limit Start 80%

Max Wattage 1500000W = 1500kW

Max Breaking Wattage -1500000W = -1500kW

Acceleration Temperature Decrease 15%

MOSFET Temp Cutoff Start 85degC

MOSFET Temp Cutoff End 100degC

Motor Temp Cutoff Start 85degC

Motor Temp Cutoff End 100degC

BMS Temp Limit Start 45degC

Temp Limit End 65degC

SOC Limit Start 5%

SOC Limit End 0%

Advanced: Max Input Voltage 57V

Minimum Duty Cycle 0.5%

Max Duty Cycle 95%

Min Current 0.05A

Fault Stop Time 500ms

Aux Output Mode Off

Motor Temp Sensor Type NTC 10K at 25degC

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Not great but not catastrophic, running that low eats away at the capacity and will reduce how much current they can support, but they are safe to use until they start getting puffy


Are you SURE you have li IRON cells?


Sorry, no thats autocorrect. :pensive: It’s LiPo, but the VESC tool android app only offers LiIon as a range from 3-4.2V.

There is ur problem


Yeah that is a really low discharge rate, and manufacturers already over rate their batteries lol

Besides that, lipos seem to take a lot more damage at that voltage range. If these were liion round cells, you might have been fine

Lipos that low, yeah you’re probably done in.

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thats why i use my china esc

That would have the same problem if you connected it to lipo batteries