Battery monitor (OEM: diyelectricskateboard brand battery)

I got the 12S2P Samsung 30Q battery pack from Diy (see subject line). It is a single pack that has the BMS and battery meter all installed/configured in one package.

The battery was showing 61% when I first got it. I turned it on a few times as I setup my VESC and receiver. The next day I turned the battery on and it shows 100%. It has not been charged and it was at 44.51V which is a little less than 60%, so the display is clearly incorrect.

I’ve opened an issue with their support team but was curious if anyone has any thoughts/suggestions on why this would happen? I’ve used another battery meter that I made for another board and it was easy to configure by pressing buttons on the back. I’m wondering if somehow this one just lost it’s configuration. Unfortunately it’s a $300 battery pack that I’m not willing to cut into to fix - I’ll wait and see what they say.

I don’t know how, but I can imagine that it lost the configuration. As you said this battery meters usually for different voltages. Maybe the button on the back get pushed somehow. Did you try to switch it on/off more often and pushed the display a bit down? Maybe there is a contract problem somewhere. Do you have a link to the battery?

afaik that meter is pretty generic and probably configures the same as the other one you used. If it was configured badly it would have said 100% from the start so I’m guessing its faulty or they have removed the casing to install it and the config button is being activated as you turn it on. Mine is flashing between % and volts atm for this very same reason

Here is the link: collections/electric-skateboard-battery-pack/products/electric-skateboard-battery-epower-pack-12s2p

I have tried pushing on the pack in different places but no luck yet.