Battery not getting anywhere close rated wh

Background information: I bought a battery from an established diy electric skateboard company that was advertised to be over 600 wh. It is a 12s3p with Panasonic 21700 cells.

Any insight or help would be very much appreciated.

I mainly bought this pack because of the advertised wh being over 600 (prioritizing range). After the build is done I noticed that I getting the same range as my friends backfire with a 318 wh battery when we go on rides. I thought something was up because the battery was draining way faster than I thought it would so I did a test today. I charged the board all the way to full and went for a nice 10 mile ride completely on completely flat terrain trying to save as much battery and maximize my range (temperature was 55 fah). I went from 100% charge down to 40% in only 10 miles when I felt the power drop off (Cruising around 15mph no fast acceleration). This would net me a theoretical range of less than 17 miles. I’m not running offroad tires either.

The vesc software said the ride drew a total of 219 wh going from 100% to 40%. Doing the math the pack has a theoretical capacity of 363wh.

The company I bought from has a strict no return policy unless the product is faulty or doesn’t work. I know when I email them they are going to tell me that I’m not accounting for a bunch of factors but theres no way that there is over 250wh being lost from the battery pack to the esc.

What would you do? I feel like the specs given for the battery are a complete lie. Sorry for the long read, but I tried to give as much information as possible.

I would email the company and force the issue. Either the pack is faulty or they use fake or used cells. Update with their reply if they start bringing some technical vague bullshit into it.

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