Battery only charging to 64%

Tracks?? 10char

The lines of nickel

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where? Did you put the voltmeter leads on the ends of the cells or on a wire that comes out of the pack, or on the BMS?

Do you have a photo

The ends of the cells, I’ll post a photo when I get home

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Can you check each cell of that group individually touching behind the nickel,to verify it’s not broken spot welds and that the cells themselves are 0v. Likely I’m guessing your pack didn’t use insulators or kapton on the positive side and the PVC wrap has melted under the nickel and shorted the whole group against the cell body…

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I’ll try tomorrow morning when I’m home as I’m currently away :slight_smile:

I can’t manage to get my probes under the welds, they all seem securely on and I don’t really want to rip them off as then I’ll have to send the pack off to get welded again. But the pack is using insulation on the positive ends