Battery pack first time

Hi all I am in the process of making my first board, it’s going to be a twin-motor Trampa mountain board, something for both off and on road use.

I need help in the battery pack area.

I am trying to figure out who makes good Lipo battery pack that I can trust will have a long life and hold the charge for a decent amount of time.

I did some search on YT for reviews but didn’t come across a lot. So asking those with a lot of experience with various manufactures who makes the more reliable packs that deliver the best price performance.

All lipos will have short life comparing to liion. If going lipo, graphene and tattu are the best. Choose above 60c Expect power draw to be >20wh/km

So are you suggesting it’s better to just build my pack with 16850 cells?

Better with 20700 or 21700

So if I were to go down the rabbit-hole (again) to build my own, can you please provide more suggestion. It seems Panasonic makes two types of retail cells:

30A, 3.1 Ah, NCR20700A (more power) 15A, 4.2 Ah, NCR20700B (longer range)

Would you go with Panasonic or is there better options out there?

Also what’s the optimum setup?

Samsung 30Q 18650’s or Sanyo 20700B’s - In my opinion.

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Samsung 40T would be a beast but 20700b is cheaper. Take @Kug3lis for example, he made 12s10p pack. So if you want crazy range, massive weight, do that

On BF probably will be half price hobbyking for Graphenes :slight_smile: So you can build same as mine 4 x 3S 6Ah 65C or 3 x 4S 6Ah 65C and as many times as you want range for e.g. With dual 6384 and running 4kW I had 20mi range with 2p so 8 x 3s in 12s 2p configuration