Battery Pack won't turn on - Need assistance troubleshooting


I have a 12S4P battery pack from Torqueboards that I need some help troubleshooting.

Currently, when I hit the rocker switch to power it on, the battery LCD display does not come on and nothing works.

I replaced the rocker switch and before I connected the battery pack back to the VESCs it was powering on consistently and without issue.

I then connected the battery pack back to the VESC’s and did some bench testing. For about 3 secs, everything worked and then the battery display went blank and there was no power again. I then tried to power on a few more times, with no luck.

A few days later, I tried to power it on again and the battery display came on and registered 91% (It was consistently reading 95% before so I couldn’t understand the 4% drop). Then after about 2 seconds without me doing nothing, the battery display showed 78% 55% 20% and then 3% and then it went off. What’s strange is, when it was working, it never displayed the battery percentage dropping. It just went blank immediately. Since then, it will not power on.

Unfortunately, I have had a hard time reaching Dexter (via messaging on his site, emails and support requests), hence my asking for assistance here. Don’t mean to bash as my overall experience has been good.

I’d like to try to solve it myself and was hoping someone could tell me the best way to troubleshoot the issue because I really miss riding this board.

I do have a multi meter but am a layman when it comes to using it and electronics in general so if someone could tell me what setting to put it on and what to test, that would be extremely helpful.

Also, does anyone know a place that could fix this issue if I can’t (tried calling lots of hobby shops but no luck)? I live in Simi Valley which is a suburb of Los Angeles. Or if someone on here would like to show a newbie how to troubleshoot ;)…I would pay you for your time of course.


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Hi. Though I have an idea of what the TB 12s4p batt looks like, can you post a picture of yours? Will try to help you do some DMM troubleshooting once you post one.

It could be a lot of things that get moved/shifted overtime. Typically, we recommend you send it and we can repair it. You can send me a PM with your ticket # and I can take a look.

Thanks s5300…I’ll try to get a pic up soon.

Dexter. Sent you a PM with the Ticket #. Thanks.

@torqueboards Hey Dexter, I’m not sure how to message on here, but I’m having problems with my order as well. Can you shoot me a PM?

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