Battery Packs to Australia

Long time reader first time poster. I’m looking at building up a board mostly with a kit. There’s quite a few posts about issues posting battery packs to Australia, but none recently. Quite a few sites say they still can’t do it. Has anyone had battery packs posted to Oz recently and were there any issues?
Can get them made here it seems, but slightly easier not to mess around with the kits when everything will fit etc.

Why? We have Marsen, Tinnie Sinker, Glyph, Zillboards, @Tony_Stark all building batteries here in Oz.



Plenty of options here to get your battery sorted.

@Marsen - WA

@TinnieSinker - QLD

Zillboards - NSW

Myself and @Tony_Stark here in Victoria

Take your pick bro not sure on Zillboards, but the rest of us will all do custom packs :+1:




Zill boards is in Sydney and did a few 18650 packs for us Sydney siders. He’s doing mainly custom graphene-oxide lipos which are bloody awesome!


That sounds really interesting.

I put together a 10s flat n flexible battery in sydney with lipo’s from hobby king and a BMS from bestech.

I think I speak for Bill Gordon aswell when I ask if you could share anymore details?

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Here is a build post with those batteries and a pic of the individual lipos. I had them custom made to be 3x12s1p packs that just fit into the Evolve GT enclosure.



You should join our Esk8 Sydney DIY chat!

I didn’t expect so many replies. It’s more a matter of it just being easier to get the battery as part of a kit for a relative newbie so I know it fits, is compatible etc.

Looks like I should be getting one from Oz in any case. Thanks everyone.


You can also get the completed the battery from other market , like China i mean customize the battery packs to deliver to you directly , that will saving more time,hope we can help you best regards

Hi Bill I can’t seem to follow this link :frowning:

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Check your PMs.