Battery Problem

Hi guys! Im new here and I came because I’m a big problem.

I bought this board two weeks ago, and it goes fast (15mph) for about five minutes and then speed starts decreasing (3mph and lower). This board is equiped with 2 x 7AH 12v Lead-acid Battery. I thought that the problem was there, so I changed both of them and the problem persists. I thought of buying 2 x 9AH 12v, but then I thought that maybe it was a problem from the Lead-acid technology itself.

I just read this: Additionally, discharge chemistry of a LiFePO4 battery allows the motor to run at top speed constantly until the battery is exhausted, compared to the initial high current from an SLA battery which quickly tapers off as it discharges.

Is it true? Or should I try with 2 x 9AH 12v Lead-Acid?

Thank all of you!


its true. Lose the SLA and invest in a lithium tech. All of the lithium techs severly out perform SLAa. LiFePO4 is one good choice. You could also go LiPo or Li-Ion. Just depends on what performance characteristics your looking for. LiPos tend to have a more explosive energy output over Li-Ion, but Li-Ion has a better over all performance curve. But the difference it barely noticable for regular riding. LiPo is probably less expensive but has more safety considerations.

Lead acid batteries scare me. I had a car battery explode on me recently from being overcharged. Freaking scary and loud lol. I would totally switch batteries if I were you but I do not have first hand experience with this so you should wait and see if someone else posts that has done it successfully.

I would change them to Li batteries just on principal. those SLA’s are HEAVY! although you should get more than 5 mins out of it… I had a 48V scooter that ran on SLA’s and it went for ages before it ran out… more like 30-40 mins.

I would recommend due to prices and overall durability, picking up some lipo batteries from hobbyking.

Now that I gave my advice on fixing this, this also points as to why you don’t want to buy cheap china eboards. They will have problems, and break very easily.

Looking at the build, it looks like your board runs at 24v. So using a lipo, you need a 6s battery.

The battery I use and many others have (or still) use is this guy:

Some have had issue with these batteries exploding, but I have bought 2 to use in parallel and never had any real issues after hundreds of charges and discharges.

But you should measure the space you have for a replacement battery, and check the size. You might need a smaller battery (in terms of cubic mm).

With this battery, you should be able to ride around for any-wheres from 30-45 minutes, depending on how you ride, maybe even more.

Also an important note, you will need a 6s lipo balance charger to charge your new battery. However the old batteries are charged are useless, as your changing chemistries of battery.

good choice. I might be selling my 6S build soon, but if i don’t, i think a pair of these is going to make its way into it.

@hoochij4s don’t forget to get a decent balance charger. The site with those zippys has a few good ones.

There’s a guy on youtube who was running his car on super capacitor boost packs with no problems.

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The reason I chose 6s x2 was because I knew my next board would most likely run at 12s. Knowing this before, I figured I can undo the parallel and put them into series, which is what I’m going to do for my next build :slight_smile:

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same watt hours, so why not have the extra punch when you need it?

oh and if you get a dual 6S charger you’ll have almost no hassle at all with the wiring. Just rig up a way to access the balance and discharge leads from outside the box and you’re set.

Yes, my board runs at 24V. Would two 5000mAh be enough? Im on a budget. What product of HobbyKing is 6s and 5000mAh?

Something like this maybe? or

Which of those would be better?

Thanks Evoheyax

That would basically leave you with a 10Ah 6S which is what i’ve been running in my 6S for over a year. Depending on your weight, you can get some commuter type range out of that and of course there’s plenty of speed depending on your drive config. I’ve gone as fast as 31mph on mine.

I want to know what type should I get. Because there are some models of 14.8v, 22v and 11.1v.

My idea is to get 2 x 5000 mAh.

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22v is 6S. When wiring batteries in parallel, you get the same voltage but double the amp hours. When wiring packs in series, you double the voltage but keep the same amp hours.

if you want to make a 10Ah 6S pack you’ll need either two 10Ah 3S packs in series, or two 5Ah 6S packs in parallel. Or one 10Ah 6S pack, if you can find one at a reasonable price.

If I were you, I would check carefully how much space you have. I recommend the 6s 8000 mAh because its around $80, and the 5000 mAh 6s is still about $50, and its not much difference in physical size. If you can get by with 8000 mAh, that may be a better bet than 2x 5000 mAh zippys, as you need enough space to fit these batteries inside your enclosure. I would defiantly recommend using a measuring tape with mm and measuring the inside in 3 dimensions. The last thing you want is a battery that’s too big, and you can’t fit it into your enclosure. Batteries must be protected. Pebbles can puncture batteries and your whole board may go up in flames.

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i used to ride a 24v dc motor eboard . same as you , with a 24v lead acid battery . same problem as yours , short trip . and i had to open up the HUGE DC motor and service it till it works again .

then i got myself an Enertions 36v li ion batt . and i travel more than 10km (i could not possibly stand and balance myself all the way for 10km . its good exciting experience . but the DC motor will burn out eventually and i had to service it all again . switch to an eboard of BLDC motor . (Brushless DC) motor . and use a li ion 36v battery . and you’ll be satisfied . have fun ! i’d say " if others like DOWNHILL ! i go UPHILL !" PLEASE WEAR HELMET AND SAFETY GEAR !

A guy on Craigslist in my area is selling a 400w board similar to this one for 100 bucks that needs batteries . Is it worth buying and upgrading for a starter board.

i just got this board and as i was riding it just shut off . It is fully charged and switch when turned on there is no light no nothing. As i was manually riding it the indicator did light up with it showing zero percent .Anyone have this problem or anyway to trouble shoot it? Thank you for your time