Battery question lifepo4

Hi everyone, I have no prior experience in building esk8, a little help is needed about choosing the battery. This is a budget build, first and foremost. I have a single 6354, 270kv, 3-10s lipo, 10mm shaft, brushless motor, mini fsesc 4.2, 8-60v, 3-13s lipo, 50A continuous/ 150A peak, and longboard with, ordinary, 70mm wheels. Currently, think I will go for chain and sprocket and due to shaft diameter and 70mm wheels smaller sprocket will be 12-13 teeth, and larger 21-22. So no big gear reduction, and a bit high kV motor. It’s for my son who is around 35kg. Maybe I would also try the esk8 occasionally. What is your battery recommendation? I have charger similar to imax B6, so think the easiest is to go for 6s battery. How about 6S2P:

  • lion Samsung’s 30q, Sony vtc4,5 or 6… or similar,
  • lipo 6S X2 around 3000mah 79c nanotech,
  • lifepo 6S1P 2500mah.

What about 8S, 4S 2x.

I am looking for safe, fun ride, not consurn about big range. Also where it will be ridden is all flat, arrenged bike path by the river.

Any suggestions is appreciated.


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i HAVE USED a 6s on my Eglide board. One lipo strapped to bottom of board.

It goes fast enough. I would use bigger wheels. And belt drive. MUCH safer. Less worry while riding. Chains are loud and messy.

If you are interested, I have an Eglide, with 24v batt. Already to go. Batt is put into pocket. Rubber wheels.

I would get rid of it pretty cheap. 42 inches long. Goes about 20 tops. Lion batt.


Motor Kv is too high. That ESC I would limit to 25A battery max. They say rated at 50A but that’s if you want to keep repairing broken stuff all the time.

It would probably be adequate for 35kg child but not an adult.

A 6S lipo isn’t a bad plan.

The motor Kv plus low current ESC will be limiting.

I don’t think you need the longevity of LiFePO4 as the child will outgrow it eventually but if you did LiFePO4 because it’s safer, then I would go for 12S LiFePO4. That would allow incremental upgrades later without constraining you.


Seriously review Samsung 18650 - the Pana PFs and AmTech (N.E.S.E.) no weld stuff. Agniusm makes quality stuff And is board specialized (flat0.

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