Battery questions.. 10s vs 12s and from where?

I’m about to order battery cells for my first build… I just learned how to make enclosures and it’s time to learn how to make batteries… I’m going to make an enclosure and battery for the jetspud… so I just want one layer, so I was going to try and make a 10s4p fit… I see a lot of places sell fake Samsung 30q and I found this website Is this place legit? I’m in the US… would you guys recommend this company? Also thinking maybe a 12s3p would fit too… so 12s vs 10s just means more amps? will a 12s bs a 10s also give me more distance?


In theory the runtime will be about the same, 12 will go faster and have more torque. So you will likely stay in the throttle more reducing runtime.

Check out nkin, legit cells and best prices.

Oh ok, thanks! Nkin? Googled it and went to the .com and nothing popped up

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He made a typo

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Yeah I figd, thanks! Any idea of a legit company in the US? This company is out of the us. I bought from them. Priced not as cheap as nkon, but in the states. Mine were rewrapped, causing me to believe they are more in the sales of batteries for vaping, but found them to be legit.

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checkout, they sometimes haves good stuff for esakte

Thanks but I’m looking for brand new and I don’t mind paying $4-$5… just want to make sure they are real

ok i take back what i said, it is risky to buy there