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Battery recommendations?

I’ve pretty much sorted out all the parts I’m getting for my DIY board, already bought the deck, motor and trucks (already modified to fit Enertion gear), but I’m having a lot of trouble with choosing the right battery. I’ve been recommended to go with 6S (2x 3S) LiPo batteries, but looking it up, I’m very confused about their specs and size. I wan’t to have a low profile board, with minimal cabling and ‘chunkiness’ on the bottom of the board, but not sure how to go about fitting it all, especially seeing a lot of the batteries I’ve seen are quite big. I plan on going single motor, using the Tacon Bigfoot 160. Recommendations?

You could make a custom battery with 18650 depending on your budget. This will provide a low profile solution

Initially, I had 1000, but every fortnight I get $100 for helping out at a job just for a few hours. So right now, I’ve gotten the deck, motor, and modified trucks for $240, that leaves me with $860. Minus $55 for the pulleys and belts from Enertion, the VESC, another $179 down and finally -$80 from the motor mount, all from Enertion. I’m looking to get Orangatang Kegels, they’re $112 brand new, but hopefully I’ll come across somebody not wanting them and selling them cheaper. I do have spare drive wheels for the Boosted V1, so I could use those, not sure how they’d fit well with the Enertion stuff, but we’ll see. So including brand new wheels, I have around $430 to spend on the batteries. Baring in mind, I do have a smallish income every two weeks, so if I wait long enough, I’ll have more money to get more parts.

EDIT: I forgot the remote, I think which is all that’s left in the build, which I think at most will set me back $100, maybe a bit over not sure… So ~$350 or so around there left for the batteries.

EDIT2: Seems I’ve massively overrated the price of the controllers. So, still probably around $380-400 something for batteries.

So 350 for batteries and wheels
If so looking at around 250 for battery there is a couple of ways to go get kilos and hooking them in series or making a battery if you make a battery there are lots of different components

Beare you can NOT use kegels with the enertion wheel pulleys.

Oh, I thought I could, somebody linked me a pulley mount that allowed it to. What wheels do you recommend other than their own then?

abec 11 flywheels or flywheel clones off ebay or amazon :slight_smile:

any ABEC11 flywheel or their clones.

What do I search up to find clones? Any particular ‘clones’ that stand out?

A simple search for “83mm flywheels” on ebay came up with what people tend to use, but I am by no means an expert. you can search flywheel clones on this forum to see which ones others have used in their own builds

Oh sweet, found some pretty cool ones. I see some real ones from the US going for a bid, might try those.

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Maybe post a link to the ones you decide on here so someone who knows what they’re doing can reassure you that they’ll work

Well, I found some at a skateshop website that’s store location is near me:

But they’re out of stock, so I’ll have to call them up. I found some of the clone ones, they’re pretty decently priced, but the shipping costs double what the actual wheels cost haha.

Just a couple that I checked out.

if you can get proper (real) ones in your budget, i would do that.
the urethane is way better and smoother

Recommendations to which specific ones to buy?

most people stick to 83mm so these would do

83mm ABEC11 Flywheels 78a or 81a

A nice alternative are the black evolve wheels.

Not sure if yo can buy them though, can you?

i thought you could bit i dont find them now.