Battery repair europe

Anyone in europe doing battery repairs my 10s4p 40q i built shorted on one the nickel strips connecting 2 p groups and isnt charging right… everythings there and working just needs new strip of nickel spotwelded and my spotwelder isnt working…perfect storm

Maybe @Acido

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I got 9 batteries to build till the end of the year, so im pretty busy atm

This should be pretty simple to do, maybe you can borrow a spot welder

Thanks for the mention @Andy87


Ya it should be quick job just wanted someone have look be sure its done right…its going into my hyperbest then

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Can you post some pics, if its only broken, you could just bridge it with a piece of wire until you get a working spot welder

See im not sure its its just that …its all in this topic here…

I can do it for you… But I am in France so the shipping costs might be a lot for ya

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I can check if you want… I live in Belgium

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Thanks man

Thanks bro

I’m in the U.K. with a welder…


Hey all, I’m trying to find a part and I can’t seem to nail one down. It’s a Koowheel board and the part I’m looking for is the part on the battery that connects to the board. It’s the two port connector. My son was messing around with an idea of using his battery while at school to charge his phone. He shorted the positive and the negative and damaged the plug. I’ve tested the battery itself and it’s fine. I just need to replace that plug. Anyone know where I can get parts?