Battery replacement for international travel (Yuneec Ego Cruiser)

I have decided on purchasing battery on arrival (International), what kind of battery pack would be needed for the Yuneec Ego cruiser ??

Taking everything apart from the battery along with me.

They use a 7S battery I believe

What are the specs of the battery? Is it not indicated?

Battery Type Lithium Ion (21 pieces) Battery Dimensions 500mm x130mm x50mm Battery Amps 7.8Ah Battery Volts 29 v Battery Watt Hours 202Wh Weight 900 grams

anyone know how to replace the battery with something from HobbyKing? can the e-go BMS handle the non-yuneec battery?

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Hi Tung, do you have any progress on this?

I also would like to replace my yuneec e-go battery. When I bought my sk8 the flight company did not allowed me to bring the battery. So I lost this one. I have a full sk8 without battery and I’m thing on use anything else.

I don’t care about stetics. Anybody can help?

Iso ego battery