Battery replacement/VESC conversion of Acton Blink S board


I got a defective Acton Blink S electric skateboard from a friend who had it laying in his basement for about a year or 2(ESC was broken and removed before it went into “storage”)

I ordered an VESC to replace the original one but I also think the battery is dead (36V 2.2AH 79.2 WH 10S) and if I check with my multi-meter it says 18.91 volts (this makes me think the battery is dead and I also dont have the original charger or an other with a similar output so I can’t attempt to charge it at this time)

If I need to replace the battery I presume I need a BMS and a new battery what would be the best recommendation (voltages) for the motor (I unfortunately didn’t find any specs of the motor, all I know is that it has 3 power leads and 6 sensor leads.

If someone could point me in the right direction that would be much appreciated. (if needed I can provide some pictures)

Many thanks, Thyvo

All motors have 3 big wires (they make them run) the 6 small wires are the sensor wires and probably temperature wire too (aren’t necessary to run but it’s better to use them stil)

You could first try to recharge the battery with a 36.6 volt charger at like 2A or 4A they’re pretty cheap on aliexpress or take the heat shrink off and use the balance cable and a 10s hobby grade battery charger (those over 6s are usually more expensive tho)

And if it is infact dead you have 3 options

  1. Buy xyz cells, 100% pure nickel, a bms, a charger, kepton tape, cables, any type of connector like an xt60, and everything else you may or may not have (spot welder, iron to solder cables and all, 18650 20700 21700 charger (i recommend the liitokala lii-500), new heatshrink… i probably forgot something 2 get a new battery directly from the board manufacturer 3 buy a custom battery online (some people on here could do that for you)

If you have more question ask away lol

Hey Josh I see your have experience about this skate I’m French sorry for my English. I bought a blink s who since 2017 and I think there is a manufacturing defect because after a month of use it starts to bellow and the autonomy does not hold. For a while I had to use it in the rain so the battery might have taken a hit but it is supposed to be ip54. I wanted if you think he may have a solution or components to change. Thank you in advance for your answer !

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Dc 42v 2 A Et il y a possibilité de parler sur un autre réseaux que ce forum j’ai du mal avec tous ce qui est forum

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