Battery selection

I’m slowly making progress to actually making my board, I have the dual VESC from enertion, dual 170kv motors. The last piece of the puzzle is the battery at the moment, I want to make my own li-ion but am still a bit unsure as to what current rating I should be aiming for to make sure the motors are well powered and not to fry the VESCs. I am guessing that I need to be going for about 60A so I thought I’d go for a 10s3p setup with the LG HG2 cells I am along the right lines here or can someone help me out or suggest a better cell to use? Thanks guys

Those are good cells so are the Samsung 30Q. The bigger the battery the less it will have to work, but the standard here is 10S4P.

The main batteries i hear being used are the samsung 25r. Lg hg2. And the samsung 30Q. Im planning to make a 10s6p but am looking into so other thing before i do. I aslo have a thread where i asked whats best for putting the batteries together if it helps.

so can the vesc handle up to 80A of current? (If I were to use the HG2s)

The vesc only takes what it needs. Most people recommend having extra amps continuous in the battery so they don’t sag as much.

If you are interested and are located in Europe, I can spot weld a pack for you. I will be very cheap if you are willing to give me some feedback here on the forum :innocent:

You can choose whatever cells and configuration you like. I have been using Samsung 25r cells in the past but I have seem the lgh2 cells is pretty cheap on nkon at the moment… Some people say that the lgh2 cells is better. I dont know if you will feel a difference to be honest.

You can find some more info at It is a danish website but it is in english as well. I am actually danish, so if you need any translations please let me know.

I you have any other questions please let me know!

Yeah I’m in the EU, well technically not soon as I’m in the UK lol I’d be more than happy to leave feedback if the price is right, I don’t suppose I could have a rough estimate on the price?

So I’m quite new to electronics in general so do the cells only output what is required? or do they always output the 20amps (example from the HG2 cells)

I will write a pm :slight_smile:

Yes the cells only output what is asked from them but if you ask more than they can handle they will die trying to output the power asked from them. So it’s better to have a safety margin like a 4 parallel battery at 20 capable of doing 80 yet running it with a 60 BMS. Make sense? If you really want a 10s3p I would recommend the 30 amp Sony cells