Battery upgrade possibility

Not sure if this is possible but I have a Sanyo battery pack 10S2P with the 20700B cells. I want my board to go faster so I figure 12S2P would do it. I have a Flipsky VESC (and a Unity on the way). So if I buy 4 Sanyo 20700B cells and wire those in series to my other battery, will it work!? Or should I repack everything? Or should I keep my pack for another project and get another 12S2P pack?

yes it will work. were u going to spot weld them in series? then you need to add a 12s bms…or were you just gonna make a 2s2p and then series it that way? either way as long as the current pack is fairly new and hasnt had to many cycles out of it new cells should line up capacity wise with it.

Hmmm… not sure about the bms part. I guess I’ll disable the original BMS for the 10S2P and then put on a 12S bms. I’ll do some search! Thanks!