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Hi first post as a new member. Would you be able to use X2 of these battery’s in series connected to a bms for a general build?


Unfortunately not. The max discharge of this pack is 5 amps, which is way too low for our needs.

Damn thanks for the reply. Is there any pre-built Li-Ion packs that would good for a build?

Yeah, tons. @torqueboards @barajabali @elkick have li-ion packs with bms, etc.

@barajabali makes really well made custom packs

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You can just use this pack and you will have 10s2p with samsung 25rs. I’ve contacted Lilian before and she can modify it to be a flat pack or whatever dimension you aim for (providing it fits the cell and bms) as well as add a switch. I forgot to ask for a price but I would assume these additions will be < $50

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@jwu97 I’m sure this is because I just don’t understand esk8 batteries yet, but why would you use a 5000 mah battery that costs $138 over a zippy that costs $25?

A 25$ zippy is 3S, not 10S, it doesn’t have a BMS or a soft switch wired to it either.

Not a battery expert by any means, but in addition to what @chinzw said, 18650s from reputable sources are much safer than pouch cell (zippys) and have a much longer life cycle. In term’s of price to energy ratio, it is almost comparable to any zippys or any other quality lipo packs.

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@chinzw Yeah I have read those guys do good batteries but most of them don’t ship to New Zealand or have a big back order :confused:

@jwu97 Have you used this battery before?

You could try build your own, its not too hard if you do some research and are good at soldering or know anyone with a spot welder. You can buy samsung 25r cells for 4$ a pop from illum.

In preference I’d prefer to avoid building my own pack. Due to the cost of a spot wielder (and not knowing anyone with one) but thanks for the suggestion XP

I was wondering if they would do that. I like their battery. I spent almost the exact same amount on lipos and their pack comes with a bms.

They’ll do anything you request. They’re very flexible with their products.

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