Bear Grizzly trucks motor mount cad files anyone?

I just bought an used landyachtz 9two5 board my first steps are the battery and motor mount did anyone design an mount for this or i will have to cut it on my own without using a cnc machine at my school, I’m not experienced in this stuff and really do not have the time to learn it but if I do would there be interest in it, I probably could make them and sell each for like 10$ just to pay the materials

What are the trucks on the board? I have the 9 two 5 deck but have gullwing trucks with evolve hangers.

These trucks

Der, I guess the clue was in the title… @GrecoMan was looking into some mounts which may fit?

I guess I could use these with sprockets, right?

Also the trucks are not fully circular but they will probably be welded so thats not a problem

If you’re going to weld it the machine job should be simple. You might be able to pul some info from threads like this.

whoops wrong