Bearings for wheels possibly motors

Hey Guys,

I have been in contact with a company that make bearings for around a year. The bearings a German manufactured bearings and are being built under the same strict guidelines of the Swiss manufactured bearings like the ones you see Bones selling. These will be 608 type bearings so they are standard size for skatebearings. I have spoken to them about bearings that are in the motors but since I havent had to open a motor I am not sure what type of bearings the motors have in them.

So I have a few questions. When size bearings are in motors? Is there a standard size in them? If you guys had pictures of the bearings that would be helpful as that would give me more info to give to guys making the bearings. Also would there be any interest in better skate bearings/ motor bearings?

For the people who are knowledgeable about bearings. The cages are a PEEK Crown and there 2 possible options a steel ball 608 with a removable light contact seal and a hybrid type bearings with silicon Nitride ball 608 with a removable light contact seal. The internal clearance would be C3 I believe. The light contact seals will help keep dirty dust and water out of the bearing to give it a longer life. I haven’t figured out the lubricant for them but I know it will be a grease based lube that is used in high precision true abec9 bearings.

If you guys have any questions let me know and I will try to answer them the best I can or I will ask my contact person who is the president and CEO of the company for the answer.

Thats actually a good idea to get a company on these. Bearings is often a weak spot on motors.

I just googled sk3 replacement bearings and this one from hobbyking popped up:

Problem is that all motors are different, so we need a couple of sizes.

Maytech motors use a 608 bearing on top at the shaft, but i think different ones inside?

They probably do and since I don’t have any bad motors currently I do not have any motors to take apart to see what bearings they have. So if anyone wanted to send me one top figure it out that would be good or just send a picture of the bearing and it’s measurements. Also I know the more I’m able to order the less the price will be so maybe we could get a group buy together if there is a lot of interest