Bearings included with 83mm flywheel clones on eBay-- are they any good?

I’ve searched through a lot of threads, but I never found anyone who has given a review of the included bearings. Are they decent or would they really hinder my build? If anyone has any experience with them that would be greatly appreciated! Here is a link to the eBay ad:

I bought them. They’re decent. I suspect after a bit though they’ll break pretty easy. They’re not great. Buy real bearings to stay safe. They’re pretty cheap.

I would be weary of any untested bearing, especially the freebee sort. It also depends on what you intend to do with them. Having your drive wheel seize on you while going 25mph is not cool. If you’re just pushing around on them at low speeds, it doesn’t matter so much.

I suggest buying real skate bearings. They aren’t very expensive so this is an easy one. If you want a great ride, the few components that go into it matter a lot. Bones Reds are my current favorite for price to performance.

both wheel and bearings aren’t very good thb. They get the job done and that’s about it.

That’s what I was thinking. Thanks for your help everyone!

What’s wrong with the wheels? I’ll be using the board mainly for commuting. I have no previous skateboard experience either

@jct1212 The wheels are OK I have a set. They aren’t as soft or “grippy” compared to genuine abec flywheels, but the cost savings is great enough that a lot of folks don’t mind. If you want to save money on your build, I think many people agree that the flywheel clones are good enough.

Compared to real flywheels, they are pretty sub par.

The free bearings are okay for pushing. I wouldn’t use em for an eBoard.

Would these be a good set? Or are the spacers bad?

@jct1212 Here’s an interesting read I came across. I learned a lot about bearings from this.

The author’s recommendation is for the Bones Super Swiss 6 bearings which seem a bit pricey, but sound like they’re worth it. I’ve run those free/cheap bearings that come with the clone wheels and they seem to get rough and gritty pretty fast. They still spin alright, but I’m leaning toward higher quality bearings for the long term.

I’ve used a bunch of different bearings. Out of the box, these are these best bearings I have used Muirskate Bearings

But The free bearings that come with these clones are not that bad. they just have cheap oil. If you clean them and use good bearing oil it can give new life to your bearings! Cleaning Kit and Bearing Oil You do want to eventually replace them with better skate bearings though.

However, Bones are a great value in bearings.

I think Bones bearings are good quality. I have not seen them fail. I have used Bones Reds (best value) Bones Swiss 6 Bones Swiss ceramics. I’m currently using Enduro ceramics on my drive wheels. They are the same bearings that come stock on Carvon hub motors but they aren’t cheap at $25 per bearing.

they suck balls. I can spin my wheel for maybe 5 seconds with the reds I got, but with my downhill bearings (bought over a year ago, forgot the brand) they spin for over a minute

My super reds spin for a long time, and the practically unknown NEAL bearings on amazon are pretty decent as well.

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freewheel doesn’t mean much though, its how they spin under load that counts :wink:


skate bearings are stupidly overpriced, just get som industrial bearings (skf)


touché, but they still blow in comparison. The reds feel heavier to push, slower, and don’t glide nearly as long. It feels like it takes more work to move them

Would these bones reds be good long term?