Bearings, Trucks and Wheel sizing help

I think I’m a little bit confused over bearings etc. On this page there is a drop down menu for your choice of bearings. If I were using Caliber 2 Trucks, which option would I choose? 12mm or 9.52mm or are they the complete wrong ones for a caliber 2 truck altogether?

Thanks for your help, Cal

Yes, neither will work with Caliber II’s, or any “regular” skate truck (8mm axle).

Trampa sells 10 and 12mm axle trucks - and these wheels are setup for those axle sizes. You can find some 10mm axle skate trucks (I think i have a set of bears with 10mm somewhere) - but less common than 8mm, and you’d need to some creative mounting (like Ronin tube adapter/mount via epoxy).

I believe there are other pneumatic tire options out there that use 8mm, but don’t know sources. Hopefully someone can comment w/ link to them for you.


Hi Gents, just to ask a question without opening new topic. I just bought MBS Matrix 2 trucks with 12mm axle, but I have pneumatic wheels with 6200rs bearing, do you know how can and with what I change them to 12mm? Thank your for help