Because you can't 3D print belts

…I’m making yet another gear drive!

First off, thanks a lot to @moon and @solidgeek for the work they’ve done, I’m basically just rehashing a lot of what they’ve done, so there’s no innovation here.

I got tired of always having belts that are too long or too short, and motor mounts that are either bending or don’t fit well, so I figured it’s time to make my own parts!

The mount is basically the @solidgeek 3d printed mount with an extra hole. The gears are standard spur gears from McMaster.

It’s all printed in PLA for now. The gears and motor mount are actually very sturdy, if anything the motor mount is too stiff, and vibration might cause delamination. Final versions will be printed in PETG with 3mm steel rods. The wheel gear is weak and will need to be redesigned, probably with through-bolts.

I’ll add pictures of the printed parts once I have them assembled. 49%20AM 14%20AM


Nice work

Dont know how PLA gears will hold up though or any 3d printed parts. Maybe for the wheel gear it might be ok


I have a stronger version of this if u need…


Also how well would the breaks be would we have to avoid hard stops?

Are you talking about the 3 system gear drive in general? Or the fact that it is 3D printed?


TBH, I don’t think I can trust my cheap printer to keep me from dying at 30mph.

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The fact that its 3D printed.

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I have designed a 3D printed gear drive, and in my experience Taulman 910 nylon is the only filament i found strong enought. Tried both PLA and PETG, and these were far from strong enought…


Er… I am not sure. I am not comfortable with the fact that it is 3D printed. But I would trust heat treated steel. And the motor plate, one bad interaction with a rock or bump wouldnt be great imo


Good to know! Do you think PETG would work for the mount portion if reinforced?

I saw a few threads with 3d printed gears, but none have been updated in a while.

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I only have experience with PLA mounts, and these were not up to the task. The PETG might work better, but I would be too sure about using it.

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I saw a picture of your broken motor plate somewhere on this forum. Thats what I would be scared of too. You could reinforce the plate with steel rods like solidgeek did with his build but even then…

I am planning to use aluminium for my gear drive and carbon fiber for quick testing.

Yes, I posted some pictures in the «No Words» thread. Currently using carbon fiber and this works way better.

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I would use carbon fibre if I could but my design might not allow it. And it also makes sense to use aluminium since it reduces the amount of parts I need by 1.

I love seeing these gear drives @moon and @mmaner helped me understand pretty quick :smiley:

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No problems :smiley:

I like to share when I can.

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I have a bunch of steel rods, so those will be used for reinforcement.

How are you doing quick prototyping with CF?

Thanks to this board I may pull the trigger on a CNC this christmas…

I have a contact in China. I helped @FredrikHems with his stuff too. I have made several stuff with this company and my experience has been pretty good so far. If you need help lmk


Not only that its 3d printed but even the teeth look really small to me

The teeth might be fine. @MoeStooge is a crackhead and has used 0.8Module gears so if its good for him then it should be good for anyone. Its the 3D printed part thats no good

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