Beginner esk8 builder here. Just a couple of questions

So I’m considering building an electric cruizer and I went through a couple of beginner threads. They were extremely helpful but didn’t mention any control boards or transmitters. They said the parts necessary were batteries, motors and a speed controller (as far as electronics go) but wouldn’t they also need a microcontroller and a wireless receiver module for the remote?

Thanks in advance

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You need a remote such as the ones from

Thanks. This is a great overview but doesn’t answer my question

Pretty much all remotes come with a recevier that you connect to the vesc using servo cable. Look at any remote, it will mention it comes with a receiver

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ahh @indiangummy thanks. What about a control board? is one necessary?

Tx/rx usually come together. Are u referring to speed controller

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Receiver plugs right into vesc/esc (speed controller)

Connect ESC and remote with the help of a servo cable. Ebay has the same remote, 18$ instead of 60…

That post literally lists everything necessary to build a board. If it isnt listed there, you dont need it. There is even a diagram that shows you what you need. Maybe you need to spend some more time reading if this isnt clear yet.