Beginner looking for advice on build

My build consists of this motor motor , this esc esc , 2 2200mah zippy flightmax batteries running in parallel, 83mm wheels from enertion, and pulleys/belts from enertion boards. I was wondering if this is a good build. I was mainly wondering about the motor.

Those batteries are very small. You need at lease 5,000mAh each.

ok I will look into other batteries. Is the motor good though?

I’m not a fan of cheap as possible builds. They quickly cost more money than just starting with quality parts. I will let others that have more experience with cheap parts chime in.

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Too high KV of the motor, get lower…if you want to go cheap you can run 245kv motor on 6s…

If you want to stay with the 50xx size motor, ollin makes a really good one. I drove around for a year , 16 miles a day to work and back on an NTM 50xx from hobby king.

Would this motor work?

That motor’s OK, but this one would be better

Also some cheap from china: