Belt drive for commuter (BKB 6374, Caliber Trucks)

Hello! I want to sell my belt drive. Like 30-40 miles on it. I’d like to sell as a kit: BKB 6374 motor, my self-made motor mount, caliber trucks. That’s the photo how my build looked like.

That’s the photos how it look now. Fully working and functional.

Full kit: BKB 6374, Caliber trucks(both), motor mount = 100$ + Shipping. I’m from Ukraine, but can ship anywhere worldwide, it will be 30$-40$.

P.S. We don’t have Paypal working in Ukraine, but will send you Payoneer invoice.

P.S.S. I’ve been reading this forum for years and it has given me tons of knowledge, thank you guys. But now its my first topic there, so if i did any mistakes i’m sorry :slight_smile:


guys 80 now

Guys. I found kegel wheel pulley that i dont need. Will include it with belt in the box.

Can you please check what the shipping to Germany would cost?

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25$ 10 char

Hi mate, is this still available. If so, what will you sell it all for?

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Hi mate! 75$ + shipping.

Still available?

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Yep, still available