Belt not sitting correctly. Need Help

Basically I just finished putting together my first build and span it up for the first time. And to my dismey it seems that the belt doesnt sit right on the wheel pulley and it shakes quite a lot.

Every half turn on the wheel pulley it seems to go slightly out of allighnemt and the belts’ teeth get pushed up and eventually move back into place one set of teeth behind. (I have no idea how to explain it properly)

The closest thing that describes what I am seeing is that the belts pitch is wrong and every now and again moves one tooth back.

I am using :

I am quite lost and need help. esk8 forum, your my only hope :smiley:

What you’re describing sounds like the pitch is wrong but all those components look correct to me.

It is quite weird. I honnestly have no idea what could be going wrong.

You sure the belt says 5m on it?

yup. printed right on the belt.

Hmm. Beats me.

Try taking both pulleys and belt off. Turn the belt with one pulley and then try the other. Do they feel correct?

I think I have found the problem, I took the belt off and while I was spinning both gears, I noticed the belt had a defect. one of the teeth were almost double thickness!!! I took away the excess material with a blade and made sure the belt is very tight. and it turns a treat )still a bit of vibration but works fine.)

Thank you for your help, without it I probably wouldnt have spotted the problem.

Bingo. Nice find! I’m glad you were able to make it work.

Looking forward to testing it now, just got to wait for the loctite to set

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